Design Project: Avate Apparel

Avate Apparel is currently a new clothing, born out of the midwest's growing rock climbing community. They are looking for a logo and thought AIGA Student Group was a perfect solution!

They are combining their love with repeatedly climbing exposed chunks of rock and ice, with a commitment to sustainability, environmental activism and high-quality apparel. A portion of everything they sell will go to climbing-related non-profits, in the hopes that they might build an even stronger community in the present, and ensure access and quality for the future.

Aesthetically, they do not want to simply be another outdoor-industry company with pictures of trees and carabiners on their stuff. They want bold, risky designs that might look more at home in a small boutique or Etsy store than on a production line t-shirt

They have some designs already, and are always on the hunt for more, but what they really need right now is a logo. They've been struggling to find the perfect logo to put on all our stuff, that is both simple enough to reproduce and play with in different contexts, but isn't just a few lines put together.